This is a sampling of projects that Socius Partners, LLC has conducted for more than 100 clients since its formation in October 2002. 

Established Businesses

   Socius was engaged by a $5B hospital system to analyze the customer experience in one of their flagship hospitals and to create a plan for transforming the customer experience consistent with world-class hospitals.

   Socius was engaged by a large, multinational pharmaceutical company. Our assignment was to help identify and procure appropriate technologies to provide secure, encrypted voice conferencing for their executive team members located around the world.

   Socius was engaged by a restaurant franchise holding company. Our assignment was to perform financial due diligence on an offer to be acquired by a larger holding company pursuing a roll-up strategy. Since the offer was in the form of stock in the acquiring company, a valuation of both companies was required.

   Socius was engaged by a medical device manufacturer building custom-made devices for the world’s leading research institutions as well as marketing a line of diagnostic devices to clinicians. Our assignment was to conduct market research for potential applications of new technologies developed by the company and provide advice on product development and go-to-market strategies. Socius was subsequently engaged to conduct an assessment of the patent landscape for these newly-developed technologies and their application to medical diagnoses.

   Socius was engaged by a company providing services and products to the hydroelectric industry. Our assignment was to advise on their strategies for raising venture capital for development of hydroelectric generation facilities in small damns throughout North America.

 New Ventures and Entrepreneurs

   Socius was engaged by a consulting company providing services based on their proprietary methodologies and formulas. Our assignment was to assess their business model, conduct market analysis and advise on whether to transition to a software company or remain a service provider. Socius was subsequently engaged to fill the CEO position on an interim basis.

   Socius was engaged by a company providing tools designing and maintaining enterprise wireless networks based on proprietary technology. Our assignment was to identify, vet and introduce qualified strategic partnering candidates to help the company expand their distribution channels and product development efforts.

   Socius was engaged by company developing and commercializing fluorescent markers for use in biological research and testing. Our assignment was to conduct assessment of the patent landscape for the company’s technologies and provided advice on strategy for new patent filings and on negotiations for licensing intellectual properties from universities.

   Socius was engaged by a group of manufacturing and engineering professionals forming a custom motorcycle company. Our assignment was to fill the role of CFO from inception of the company through the close of a $5 million seed funding round.

   Socius was engaged by a group of doctors starting a company to open day surgery centers in the U.K. Our assignment was to assist in development of the initial business plan and determine capital requirements. In addition, Socius created and delivered the presentation to potential investors as the company closed a $2 million seed funding round. After the company was awarded three large contracts by the U.K. government, Socius assisted with a $10 million follow-on round of funding.

Investors and Creditors

   Socius was engaged by the majority investors in an early-stage company that was badly off plan.  Our assignment was to serve as interim management to do triage, realign the strategic plan, determine capital requirements, conduct business development, and hire and turn over control to new management.

   Socius was engaged by a private equity firm. Our assignment was to provide technical due diligence on potential life science and healthcare portfolio companies.

   Socius serves as a Resource Partner for an organized angel investor group that has invested approximately $3 million since its formation in 2004. Our role is to help vet potential investment candidates.

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